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Balancing job

Funny thing is that, even if I’m young, I’ve always been independent, living alone since I got a permanent workplace.

But, I probably feel way too comfortable in here, a lot of my teammates, the ones I enter with, have a better job now in the same company or other, and even my boss asked me once “Why wouldn’t you apply for a better position?” and I don’t really have an answer.

Why make the effort of going through a new interview, where there’s a high chance of rejection, plus, I don’t have a bad job, and I don’t feel particularly happy or sad, just “normal” I guess, this is my first job, so I don’t have much experience eather.

Does that sound like putting excuses ?maybe a little, sorry… but, the one thing that stops me every time, is that thought in the back in my head, telling me that I should be happy with the few things that I have, and honestly not knowing if I deserve something better.

Oh my, I sound like an angsty teen, I’m 22 already (should grow up) I think I should at least try the promotion thing, but I still think someone else deserves it more then me, can’t help it

I’m just saying my random thoughts, if someone has tips for the situation, please say so ♡

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