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Living alone as a teenager

I moved from my parents house when I was 18 years old, just looked for a job and an apartment, but I didn’t really realize, things weren’t that easy.

The reason why I wanted to leave so badly is the topic for another day.

I don’t know if the «process» of moving out is the same or similar in most places, but in Costa Rica you have to pay several things.

The first purchase or deposit you make in your apartment, works to assure you will treat the place nicely (if your do, the deposit will come back to you as a refund), which is usually the same amount of your rent,  that amounts are already 2 huge quantitys

The rent (for the hole month of course, so you have to move in the begging of these days)

Transportation, to move the things from one place to the other, and it costs more if the locations are far away from each other and even more if you have many furniture.

I did all of these in a rush and as you can imagine there where quite a few things I was forgetting, really basic home appliances, that I thought weren’t that important, like the fridge (biggest mistake of my life btw) and the washing machine; and just consider the taxes of any kind service (water,electricity,wifi).

If I may give any type of advice, is to think everything in advance and estimate a budget a little higher than the original one, value what you really need (new clothes or food) and something really important, is to be, at least, a little nice with your neighbors, because if you don’t have many utensils or food even, they can be a real lifesaver and might also become your friends with time.

I chose to live by myself with no roomies, basically because even if it is the cheapest option, there’s no way to be sure, they’ll be calm or be able to give their part in the rent, I don’t want to struggle and fight with someone and have more stress overall.

I’m 21 now, and I do have a fridge ! I’ve learn, quite a lot and I’ll talking about any topic I think of  🙂

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